The power of coaching (or advising) is this – you are expected to give people the path to find answers, not the answers.” ~ Tom Mahalo

Physician Advisory Services

Physician Advisory Services

DEiPhyB™ (Developing Emotionally Intelligent Physician Behavior)

As a physician, you are rigorously trained to diagnose and treat illness. You’re an expert in your medical field with a deep knowledge of complex scientific matters. But as you’ve advanced in your career, you’re now being asked to supervise employees and teams, serve on committees, and interact with patients and families on a personal level. Standard medical training hasn’t equipped you for these non-medical challenges. DEiPhyB™ is here to help. Our proprietary program will train you in emotional intelligence and provide you with the leadership skills you need to thrive in today’s medical environment.

Why Emotional Intelligence Is Important

According to Daniel Goleman, an expert in emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence (EQ) is a major factor in leader performance, significantly outweighing technical skills and even IQ. When comparing high performers to average performers, 90% of the difference in leadership effectiveness and capability stems from emotional intelligence.

Powerful Results

The effects of emotional intelligence are widespread. Your staff will see that you support respect and fairness and will flourish under your relationship-building leadership. Your peers will observe your new positive behavior and will be influenced to modify their behavior, through the behavior contagion effect. Your patients will appreciate your heightened compassion and greater communication skills. You’ll even see an impact on patient recovery rates, as research shows that physician emotional intelligence can have a significant impact on healing. In addition, your patients are far less likely to file a malpractice suit in the event of a medical mistake.

Why Coaching Is Better Than Training

Training teaches information by engaging the brain’s neocortex. Advising develops thought processes and behavior by engaging the limbic system. DEiPhyB™ is a advising process that teaches clients to identify their intrinsic motivation, the most powerful foundation for true change. The program is an intensive, year-long process that provides a continuous loop of feedback, practice, feedback to ensure lasting results.

​The finances speak for themselves. The cost to replace a troubled physician is 1.5x their salary, and the cost to replace unhappy staff who work with a troubled physician is 3-5x their salary, according to recent research. In comparison, the DEiPhyB™ program pays for itself in just a few physician paychecks.

Executive Advisory Services

Executive Advisory Services

DeICE™ (Developing Emotionally Intelligent Communication Effectiveness)

Proven effective, this is one of the best programs on the market for Executives looking to develop powerful communication and E.I. skills – 1:1 or large group. How good are you at “reading the room” and responding to what you sense? This program is a 12-month journey designed to integrate with your work – the advisor is there, discreetly in the background (in person or via phone) as you navigate the whitewater that is your company and industry. Once your initial journey is complete, the advisor is there for you to reach out to anytime over the following year (and in-person once every quarter)- All part of the package!

How it Works

Our advising consultation programs are designed to bring out the leader in everyone. First, we assess an individual’s strengths and areas of opportunity. Then we’ll work side-by-side with each individual to create the space for positive and sustainable growth. This growth has a two-fold effect: the individual prospers on a personal and professional level, and the organization gains a more productive and compassionate leader.

We believe in the importance of client responsibility and follow the model created by Mary Beth O’Neill, a leader in the coaching field. Following this model, the client will take responsibility for their issues and we’ll facilitate the evolution from actual behavior to desired behavior, by identifying goals and changes needed to get there.

The most effective advising and coaching programs stem from an organization-wide effort to make coaching a regular part of executive development. Singling out a manager and saying “you need an advisor or coach” is rarely an effective strategy. Ideally, we’ll work with the top leaders of an organization to ensure your coaching program is one that has a lasting and meaningful impact.

All of our advisory programs are customized for the needs of the organization and individuals. We’re happy to address the timelines and budgets that work for you.

Platinum 'All-in' Package

This package represents a next-generation approach to coaching in that a single price per month or single payment for six-months...

Platinum 'All-in' Package

…covers all the work you will do together. No more worry about how much a advising session will cost. You work with the advisor to design the right package for you. The advisor is available to meet with you, observe your meetings, interview key people you need feedback from, and be available when you build new relationships or work to build and repair old ones. No matter what the challenge, you have your advisor available to you via phone, text, Skype or in person – a true life development partner. Try it for six months and watch the difference in your abilities.

Gold Corporate Package

Similar to the Platinum package in the simplified payment plan, this package has a set price for up to 10 hours per month of...

Gold Corporate Package

…advising and availability to you and your people. This is an excellent package for those interested in 1:1 Executive work alongside work with a cabinet, board or another leadership group.The hours available allow you to customize and have the coach work with others (members of an Advisory Board, for example). The end result is a powerful relationship and leader dynamic between members leading an organization or teams.

Silver Standard Package

This is a basic Executive package designed for a “spot advising” effort in order to focus on one project or challenge where an advisor...

Silver Standard Package

…would be of service.  One monthly in-person meeting and short weekly phone calls each week. Basic assessments of skill and/or 360 feedback tools are available. This package is available in three or six month increments.

Our Clients Say

“Dan is a thoughtful advisor who’s full of interesting ideas and examples of how people move through their careers from his extensive practice. In only a few sessions, he helped me lay out a vision statement that guides me in how to shape my job to better fulfill my values and talents.”

ELIOT ROSE, Technology Strategist, Oregon Metro

“Our group was looking for someone to help us become more cohesive as well as improve our patient and nursing interactions. Given my prior experience working with Dan, he was who I turned to. Although his work with us is ongoing, the dividends are already paying off
and I am excited to see how much growth we can achieve.”

DAVID CADOGAN, MD, FACEP, Emergency Department Chairman,
Denali Emergency Medicine Associates

“Dan’s experience, intelligence and calm demeanor made him the perfect guide for my professional development journey. He has an uncanny ability to take complex leadership concepts and deliver them as clear, actionable counsel.
I’m honored to call him a colleague, mentor, and friend.”

KEN PIPHER, M.P.A., Business and Operations Manger, City of Hillsboro

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